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Jul 12 2010

A case of the Sundays

I have mentioned very little about my experience outside of the classroom.  Therefore, I decided to dedicate a post almost entirely to my weekend experiences.  This weekend I was able to enjoy a beautiful diversity of things. A few of my fellow members of Teach For America had a pool party in the downtown area.…

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Jul 10 2010

Something you all need to watch…

This video was an inspiration to me and hopefully it is to you.

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Jul 09 2010

2 weeks down as a Pre-Kindergarten Cop!

I am nearing the end of week 2 of institute in LA and I have officially stepped into my class room with 2 other exceptional individuals who share the responsibility of teaching 12 students for the summer.  Together we form a 3 person collaborative that teaches a 3 hour afternoon block.  This week I have…

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Jun 27 2010

1 Week Down…

After only being here for 7 days, I feel like I have been here a month.  Long days and long nights has been the theme of my time here thus far. It would be impossible to cover everything that has happened in detail; therefore, I will keep this brief.  We spent each day in either…

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Jun 22 2010

Day One…

As I walked from my taxi this morning on to the LMU campus too tired to be nervous from my early morning wake up, I looked around and in an instant it hit me, “I live in LA now…. This is nothing like Chicago!” However, all the palm trees and beautiful views couldn’t take my…

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May 14 2010

About Me (the introduction)

I am but an ordinary man with extraordinary ambitions.  Having witnessed firsthand the disparities that the achievement gap has created, I have decided join the efforts of Teach For America to help close that gap. An organization which has swiftly grown into a nationally recognized force, Teach For America has demonstrated that it has the…

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