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Sep 27 2010

Work, Life Balance

2 weeks of summer school and 4 weeks of the regular school year down… How do I feel? Well that depends on what you mean… At school I feel great most of the time. Most of my lessons have ended with me feeling pretty successful and the kids keep me laughing a lot. The students seem to be learning and their behavior has been on a steady improvement. The plan was to keep it basic and work on behavior management first. I wanted to make sure I had the basics down before I tried to make things to fancy and complicated. I slowly added more and more fun things to the lesson once knew I had the control to do it without letting things get to crazy. I still have a lot of things I want to improve on before I really can feel completely satisfied with my progress, ┬ábut it am feeling good about my pace to get there.

That said, my life outside of school hours is where my troubles start. I think I highly underestimated how much I benefited from having a support system of close friends near me. I am getting closer to my cohort of TFA people in my program, but the feeling of being with the people I have grown to love over the past years is not something I can’t replace. Relocating has become a challenge, but like all my other challenges, I face it with certainty that I can and will overcome it. The first step in making that happen is establishing my work life balance and not becoming too absorbed in my work that I drive myself crazy. I have to make sure I prioritize my student’s learning while still doing what I need to maintain my own sanity. The next step is simply to keep the people that make me happy as close as I can. October is swiftly approaching. It is the month most 1st year teachers have the hardest time. To be blunt, I’m not scared at all… I have already had some huge ups and downs and if nothing else, I learned it will always be ok if you have patience.

In closing…

You have your work and you have your life… finding the balance in that will make all the difference in how much you can love either.

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