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Aug 09 2010

No Days Off

I have been done with Institute for a little over a week now and though the paste has slowed, the work in one way or the other has continued. Two days after TFA training ended I traveled to Las Vegas for the KIPP School Summit.  The conference set me on a high of emotion and motivation for the new school year.  I was privileged to be able to listen to several testimonies from current and former KIPP students about how their branch of the KIPP charter had helped develop them in to strong, confident, and college bound people and students.  Also, I was able to watch an early screening of the upcoming movie “Waiting for Superman“.  I will not spoil the movie for anyone, but I will say that it is something that EVERYONE should see.

I returned to Los Angeles on Friday and I have spent the weekend building my new room from the ground up. Tomorrow I start professional development with my school (KIPP Empower Academy).  The rest of the staff has been in “PD” (professional development) since July 20th; so, I have a lot to catch up on.  Its a good thing I don’t invest in terms like “can’t” or “too much”.

Our 2 week summer school begins next Monday. Everything is swiftly approaching and there is still so much left to do. It looks like I’m going into the school year with the same sprint I ended Institute and I got No Days Off!

Its ok, I’ll sleep later…

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