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Aug 01 2010

Institute Wrap-Up

After about 4 hours of sleep for 5 long weeks, with 20 working hours a day, along side 47 other Pre-K teachers teaching 248 young students, and a total of 600 teachers institute wide…. Well I don’t know exactly where I was going with that statement, but it has been a long road to say the least.  Over the time, I have grown attached to teaching, my summer students, my collab (teaching small group), my “Pre-K Cops (group that share an advisor), my CMA (my advisor), my Staff as a whole, and of course my fellow corp members.

My students came in everyday with the brightest 5 year old smiles and were always so energetic and excited to be at school. From whispering their secrets and life dreams in my ear to simply says, “Mr. Myles… I’m going to miss you” they have given me some of my favorite memories from this long summer.

My collab and my CMA group together are responsible for 90% of the good times I had during the hours of 6am and 5:45pm each work day. Our over the top competitive nature (which I have to admit was largely due to me consistently  making things into some kind competition) made everything much more enjoyable. Even though when we did compete we always “winged it”, we always seemed to win too.  If any of my fellow Pre-K Cops are reading this, here is an insider… Do you remember that one time when we showed up to the CMA appreciation day after having our own mini-celebration?

To the rest of my 2010 corp members from the LA institute and around the country- good luck this year. Continue to do greats things and continue to stay relentless in the the fight to close the achievement gap.

To my blog followers- I hope that you will stay with me as I continue on my 2 year journey to help close the achievement gap.

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