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Jul 12 2010

A case of the Sundays

I have mentioned very little about my experience outside of the classroom.  Therefore, I decided to dedicate a post almost entirely to my weekend experiences.  This weekend I was able to enjoy a beautiful diversity of things. A few of my fellow members of Teach For America had a pool party in the downtown area. While there I was able to enjoy an amazing conversation about the diversity of Los Angeles, aspirations change the world, and many more things. Intellectual and soulful conversations for me are nourishment for my spirit. They give me a sense of hopefulness that fuels me through my tough days. They help me widen the scope in which I view the world and understand the people in it. And I was fortunate to have had so many enriching conversations this weekend and many other times while in LA. But I digress… 

Seeing the city of Los Angeles is in itself an activity. There is so much to see and so much variety amongst it all. This weekend took me everywhere from Downtown to Westwood to Venice and finally back to the dorm for wine and cheese while a fellow corp member plays the acoustic guitar.  Singing covers to classics and reminiscing over the week passed, you could say we pretty much had a good time. 

The only low point of the weekend came this morning as I woke up. I realized that the fun time was over and another long week lay in front of me. Not to be confused, I love teaching. It has been all I could hope for, but you can never really look forward to waking up at 5am every night and 4 hours of sleep.  I call it “just a case of the Sundays”. Tomorrow starts a brand new week and 5 more opportunities to grow and become better a teacher. 


Be blessed! I hope you all are enjoying… Tune in next week! 


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  1. Karla

    We call it The Sunday Blues….

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