Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
Jun 22 2010

Day One…

As I walked from my taxi this morning on to the LMU campus too tired to be nervous from my early morning wake up, I looked around and in an instant it hit me, “I live in LA now…. This is nothing like Chicago!” However, all the palm trees and beautiful views couldn’t take my mind off from the reason why I am here.  That purpose, which is at the core of each of the new 150 LA corp members played over and over in my mind all day. “I am going to give a group of children the chance to be the best they can be”

After hours of meeting and greeting, catching up with corp members I had previously met, a trip to target for some much needed room additions, and staring in awe at my new summer home, the real part of the day began.  We began as could be expected, with an hour of ice breakers then on to dinner.  After that we entered into Induction’s Opening Ceremonies where I was quickly reminded of why I am here and how much I can truly accomplish.  I can’t say that I heard much that I have not already heard but even being reintroduced to the daunting facts and figures affecting our nation’s youth let me know that it is now time for business.  Most impressive from today was to hear the true extent of TFA’s enormous ambition.  I don’t have time to go into details but to say that the vision extends much farther than in the classroom is an understatement, and I am ready to do my part in the movement.

 The work starts soon and I am excited to keep you all updated with my work and that of my fellow corp members! Post from this point on should be weekly at the minimum.

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